Ready To Go Memories

So what’s with these experiences?

Straight off the shelf and ready to enjoy, have a look at some of these amazing, unforgettable goodies we have already lined up. Anything tickle your fancy? Course there is. Come and get ’em.

Below is a list of memories that are already available (and all within Ireland) but we can also help with memories that are made to order for you, All of the below memories are fully funded thanks to our lovely partners and supporters.

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What proof do you need?

When you apply for one of our experiences, we ask you to provide a doctor’s letter confirming your condition along with a form of photographic ID.

Can just one person get an experience?

Nope. Memories are best when they’re made with other people – so you can redeem services meant for more than one person (e.g., event tickets, meals, hotel stays) and take whoever you like.
However – yes, there’s a however – you can only receive one of our experiences. So choose wisely, grasshopper.

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