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We are Fintan’s Fund and we would like to support young adults with cancer by giving them access to free and discounted services in Northern Ireland or by creating a bespoke experience for them and their family or friend to enjoy.

During Fintan’s time with cancer we tried to pack in as much fun as possible to allow us an escape from hospitals and worry.

I thought I would share some of our memories with you to give you some inspiration and ideas of what you might like to get up to.


We enjoyed a lot of weekends away at spa hotels around Ireland, this is us ready to hit the spa at Farnham Estate in Cavan. Not only did we enjoy relaxing and unwinding but we were big fans of hotel breakfast buffets!


We also went to lots of comedy shows to try and lighten our spirits and indulge in some belly laughs. While at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival we saw Sam Lloyd (Ted from Scrubs) in a one man show which was hilarious and impressive!


Fintan was also a massive music lover so we tried to go to as many concerts a possible. Someone donated us free tickets to T Vital to see Bastille and The Killers and ensured we had all our access needs met.


We also enjoyed as much physical activity as possible, the picture above is us cycling around the Ulster countryside on rented bikes. We stopped plenty along the way and Fintan took lots of videos making fun of my cycling ability! The fresh air and nature can be really rejuvenating.

Finally, an activity I didn’t partake in. A former work colleague of Fintan’s had his pilot’s licence and took him flying over County Down, he said it was amazing seeing everything from above.


Hopefully these memories give you some ideas of things to do. Don’t forget, if they aren’t listed in our ready-to-go section, you can still request us to arrange it for you here

Enjoy planning some memory-making,

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