Fund FAQs

We know, you’ve got some questions – who and how and where and why and when and all that malarkey. Well, calm down and let’s see what we can do…

Who can use the Fund?

Anyone who’s living in Northern Ireland, is aged between 18 and 35 and is currently receiving or recovering from treatment for cancer.

What proof do you need?

When you apply for one of our experiences, we ask you to provide a doctor’s letter confirming your condition along with a form of photographic ID.

How does it work – can just one person get an experience?

Nope. Memories are best when they’re made with other people – so you can redeem services meant for more than one person (e.g., event tickets, meals, hotel stays) and take whoever you like.
However – yes, there’s a however – you can only receive one of our experiences. So choose wisely, grasshopper.

Why only young adults?

Good question. We’ve seen for ourselves the impact of cancer on young adults after diagnosis – on job security, their financial situation, their relationships and families; the whole shebang. It’s tough. We know can’t fix those problems, but we can offer a little break from them. That’s worth doing, don’t you agree?

Where are the experiences offered?

All of the experiences to be within Ireland. So the Seychelles are out, cheeky.

When should I apply?

That’s up to you – kinda. You’re best placed to decide when’s a good time for you. However (there’s another one), there’s only a limited number of some of the donated or subsidised events and experiences. So if you wait, you might miss out… But we are accommodating folk and understand sometimes things are out of your control, so just ask if you need to postpone or reschedule.

So who are you guys?

Another good one. Well, we’re a charity, currently going through registration with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, that was established in 2015 by the wife, family and friends of Fintan Hillyard, who died of cancer in 2014 at the age of 29.
He lived an extraordinary life. The Fund is our way of commemorating that, and of helping to pass on some of what we learned from him about the value of memories made to be shared.

And what’s the deal with the cow?

You had to ask, didn’t you? For reasons best left unsaid, Fintan’s nickname was Moo. Yes, really. That’s all we’re prepared to reveal. Nothing to see here – mooove along now. (See what we did there?)

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