About Fintan

Husband, son, brother, friend.
Team-mate, thrill-seeker, fashion criminal.
Belfast man, talker, dreamer, spoofer.

And through it all: rugby, rugby, rugby.

Sometimes life offers us the choice: quality or quantity?

When the choice came to Fintan, after collapsing on the rugby field dealt devastating news, he took quality. Quality of time to enjoy with his new wife, his family, his mates; to make a home; to create memories.

That’s what he got, and what those left behind got too.

Life after diagnosis became a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences. But Fintan was determined to wring the best out of each day, each hour.

In doing that, he showed those of us around him, saddened and bewildered by the unfairness of it all, that life gets better the more you share it.

During the last couple of years of his life, Fintan pursued all his passions – for rugby, for eating, for music, for laughing, for new places and people. For life itself.

He’s not with us any more, but his enthusiasm and energy remain. Money was raised for Fintan in order to fund some pioneering cancer treatment. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a chance to spend it. But it has provided us with the basis to create this fund, and the opportunities that go along with it for young adults, like Fintan, to get to do something special, to forget cancer for a while and remember something altogether bigger and better.

It doesn’t even have to be rugby.

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